Getting Outdoors near your Westover Hills Apartments

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Now that the temps have finally dipped below 80 degrees, residents of our apartments in Westover Hills are finding time to get out and explore some of the outdoor activities that San Antonio has to offer. Whether you’re into something relaxing like a hike in the Hill Country or something adventurous like kayaking down the San Antonio River, this part of Texas has plenty of activities to offer its residents. In the blog post below, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular things to do in the great outdoors.


While our apartments are luxurious and comfortable, we understand that everyone needs to get out every once in awhile. These activities are great for that, and for enjoying a fun experience with friends and family when you need to use up that end-of-the-year PTO!


Without further delay, let’s dive right into this week’s blog post! Oh, and when you’re done reading through the post below, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends. Or, do us a favor and share it with your neighbors at your community of San Antonio luxury apartments!


Option 1. Take a kayak drip down the San Antonio River.


Above, we mentioned that a kayaking excursion down the San Antonio River would be perfect for adventurous types. That’s true, but it’s also true that the San Antonio River is a relatively slow-moving river. You don’t have to have a ton of kayaking experience to have a good time with this outdoor activity. If you are worried about your experience level, consider doing a guided trip with the good folks at Mission Adventure Tours!


Option 2. Go on a hike with your four-legged friends.


The nice thing about this next outdoor activity is that you can do it whether you’re super into the outdoors or you just want a little taste. If you fall into the former category, head to the Medina Natural Area for a weekend of hiking, camping and relaxing with your furry friend. If you just want a few hours in the wild, go to Eisenhower Park for short hikes and gorgeous views of the hills around San Antonio.


Option 3. Go outside and then underground.


When you live in San Antonio, it’s easy to find a nice cool place to escape to in the outdoors. Don’t believe us? Check out the Natural Bridge Caverns. Not only is this a great way to escape the heat during the summer, but it’s a really fun activity to do with the family when they’re in town for the holidays.


Those are all the outdoorsy tips we’ve got to share with you this week, residents! We’re thrilled that you were able to join us to read this week’s post, and we look forward to sharing another post with y’all in a couple weeks! While you wait for that next post to go live on our website, we encourage you to throw on some warm clothes and check out some of the outdoor destinations around Echelon at Monterrey Village.


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