Top-Rated Ice Cream near your Westover Hills Apartments

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There’s a lot to love about living in San Antonio luxury apartments, but when the temperature goes over 100-degrees for an entire week, it’s easy to forget how much we love our amazing city. Echelon at Monterrey Village residents are lucky to have a sparkling resort-style pool to escape to, but what are you supposed to do when you’re away from the community? Most San Antonio residents turn to one thing and one thing only; ice cream.


Yes, only ice cream has that cool taste that can provide temporary relief from the sweltering heat of a San Antonio summer. This city is filled with wonderful ice cream shops, so you can find your perfect treat whether you’re into gelato, frozen ice or classic soft-serve. There’s even an ice cream shop that serves alcohol-infused ice cream, so check that place out if you feel like indulging yourself!


In the blog post below, we’ll be sharing reviews of some of the most popular ice cream shops in the city. Without further delay, let’s dive right into the list of shops! Oh, and when you’re done reading through it, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at your community of Westover Hills apartments.


LuLu’s Classic Ice Cream Shop


The first spot on our list has a little bit of everything. LuLu’s specializes in shaved fruit, which is pretty much the most refreshing thing one can buy on a hot day. They’ve got all the classic Mexican ice cream treats and a few savory snacks like frito pies, nachos and street corn. The owner is usually inside, and he’s as friendly as they come. Be sure to ask for some samples before you decide what you’re getting!


Boozy’s Creamery & Craft


Next up on our list is an ice cream shop that has gone all in on the “bar” theme. We love how you can get flights of ice cream, and your order will come with 4 different flavors spaced out on a wooden board. Boozy’s Creamery has 10 flavors of ice cream total, and 5 of them are infused with alcohol. The ice cream at Boozy’s is a bit more expensive than it would be at your standard ice cream shop, but you definitely get what you pay for.


Bubble Waffle Bar


For milkshakes, nitro-infused ice cream and bubble waffle ice cream, head to the super picturesque Bubble Waffle Bar.  If you’re not familiar with bubble waffles, allow us to explain. They’re essentially soft waffle cones that have bubbles of air where the little waffle squares are. They’re puffy, and they’re easy to eat, and they pair perfectly with ice cream!


Freshest Ice Cream


Those are all the ice cream shops we’ve got to talk about this week, residents! We’re so glad you took some time to join us here on the Echelon at Monterrey Village blogs page, and we hope that you enjoyed reading this week’s post! If we’ve done our job, you should have a whole new list of places to check out next time you need to beat the heat with an ice cold treat.


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