Floor Plan Layout Tips from your Westover Hills Apartments

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Night stand next to an unmade bed

We want residents to be completely enamored with the furniture layout at their San Antonio luxury apartments, so we’ve decided to spread the word about apartment layout design. We’re not going to tell you to knock down any walls or install new light fixtures — the apartments are already luxurious, after all — but we do have a few recommendations that might make you feel more comfortable in your new home.


There are a lot of benefits to becoming more comfortable in your apartment. The more you like your kitchen, the more likely you are to hang out at home. The more you hang out at home, the more money you save by not going out! You don’t need us to tell you why you should love your floor plan layout though — you just need us to tell you how to make the most of it! With that, let’s check out the list of tips below. When you’re done reading this post, remember to share the link with your friends and neighbors at your community of apartments in Westover Hills!


Move your largest pieces to the back of your apartment


As a general rule, you want your large furniture pieces to be place as far away from your entrance as possible. That way, you get a more open visual experience when you walk into your apartment. This rule applies to both the front door and any other entrances to your rooms. Put your bed far away from the entrance to your bedroom in order to achieve the same open visual effect!


Keep it balanced


If you crowd one side of your apartment with furniture and leave the rest bare, it will make your space seem smaller than it is. By balancing both sides of your room, you can make the space seem more open and appealing. This is especially true in bedrooms. Don’t put your bed in the corner or on one side of the room. Instead, center it and add balanced pieces on both sides!


Keep the entryway clear


When you walk into your apartment, you should feel like you have enough space to spread out. You want to be able to kick off your shoes, put your bags down, and walk into your space without stumbling over things or avoiding furniture. Keep the first 5 feet of your apartment clear of furniture so you don’t feel cramped when you walk in!


Stay away from the wall


Whenever people move couches, chairs, dressers and other furniture into their apartment, it seems like they automatically everything against the wall. Why do we do that? In fact, keeping furniture away from the wall can help you make your apartment seem bigger. When you push everything against the wall, you actually shrink the room. Try leaving a bit of space between the furniture and the wall, or better yet, move the furniture to a different part of the room completely. It might seem weird at first, but you’d be surprised by how much it can help you fall in love with your space!

We’re all out of floor plan layout tips for this week, but we’ll be back in a couple weeks with another brand new blog post for y’all! We’d like to take this moment to thank those of you have that have been coming back week after week to read our latest blog posts, and we invite you to bookmark this page so you can check back again when the next post goes live! Until then, you can stay up to date with everything happening at Echelon at Monterrey Village by following your community of Westover Hills apartments on social media.

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