4 Best Cafes near your Apartments in Westover Hills

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Your community of Westover Hill Apartments is back with another blog post, and this time we’re talking about the best coffee in town. Whether you’re someone who swings by the coffee shop every morning on your way to work or someone who works at coffee shops all day long, finding that perfect cup of joe is no easy task.


Thankfully, there are dozens of options for coffee in San Antonio, and you don’t always have to settle for the expensive chain store when you need your coffee fix. Give one of these local coffee shops a shot next time you need a pick me up!


Barrio Barista


We know this list is supposed to be all about the best coffee near your San Antonio luxury apartments, but the food at Barrio Barista is too good to not mention. You absolutely, positively have to try the Westside special—a dish that comes with a Barbacoa grilled cheese sandwich (!) and tomato soup. According to Yelp reviewers, this is one of the best dishes at any coffee shop in San Antonio.


The overall ambiance of Barrio Barista is worth mentioning too. Some Yelp reviewers talk about being “transported into a different world,” as soon as they step inside this little coffee shop on the West Side. As for the drinks, we recommend you order the hot or cold Horchata latte.


Tealicious Cafe


This next cafe isn’t a coffee shop, but we still included it on this list because of their caffeinated beverages. Tealicious is geared towards college students, but that just means it’s a great place to get some work done. If you’re unfamiliar with bubble tea, ask on of the staff members to explain it to you. We think you’ll find that bubble tea is the ultimate refresher on a hot summer day. Tealicious also sells fruit smoothies that are totally customizable, so it’s a great cafe to go to after a long workout.


PRESS Coffee


A lot of people say that PRESS Coffee is the best coffee shop in San Antonio, and we have no reason to disagree with that assessment. If the weather’s nice, you should definitely check out their backyard garden and terrace, which has plenty of seating on sunny days. The inside is filled with plenty of natural light, which creates the perfect environment in which to enjoy one of PRESS Coffee’s phenomenal hazelnut lattes.


Sabinas Coffee House


This cute little coffee house is inside a converted old house, so it seems like you’re actually visiting an old friend when you step inside and order a coffee. Cozy is the best word to describe Sabinas Coffee House, so grab your laptop, find a nice comfy couch and prepare to stay awhile.


According to Yelp reviewers, Sabinas has an awesome little coffee station that allows customers to customize their drinks to the max. There’s a whole lot more at this coffee station than just sugar packets and cream. Sabinas Coffee House also has plenty of food options on their menu, so bring your appetite along with your caffeine cravings.

As always, we appreciate you taking some time out of your busy summer schedule to take a look at the most recent edition of the Echelon at Monterrey Village blog. We hope we were able to help you find your new favorite coffee shop in West San Antonio. We’ll be back soon another informative blog post for our residents, so don’t forget to check this page again in a couple weeks! Also, be sure to follow us on social media to get the most up to date information from your community of apartments in Westover Hills.

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